New Publication: Poumons d’acier, coeurs d’or

Comment: Hospitium, the Belgian Historical Society of hospitals and social action, has published a new book (in French and Dutch) called ‘Poumons d’acier, coeurs d’or‘. It is a unique work, an inventory of all medical and social collections in the Benelux.

You will discover more than 40 institutions, all open to the public, with medical, pharmaceutical and social heritage. These institutions cover almost all historical periods starting from the middle ages and relate to the three Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands). Hospitium aims to arouse the interest of a large audience for medical history. In addition, this book is an invitation to visit these museums and collections.

The authors are Patrick Allegaert and Vincent Van Roy. The book is published by Garant.

More informationĀ  :

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