Join us for our inaugural workshop ‘Hospitals in Crisis’ on Saturday, 25 March at 10:00 (CST)/17:00 (CET

Join the committee of the International Network for the History of Hospitals (INHH) for our inaugural virtual workshop. Crisis can manifest in so many ways: hospitals going bankrupt, operating in a warzone, sex scandals, etc. But this idea of crisis extends beyond our sources to how we, as researchers, approach our work from funding issues to writer’s block. Presenting on the theme of Hospitals in Crisis:

Sex, Lies, and Parchment: Reputation and Regulation at Narbonne’s Hospital of the Bourg in the Fourteenth Century

Anna M. Peterson (Independent Scholar)

Surviving Destruction: St Giles’s, Norwich, and the Crisis of the Protestant Reformation

Carole Rawcliffe (University of East Anglia)

Plague, Covid and the Historian

John Henderson (Birkbeck, University of London)

Conflicts and Hospital History in Twentieth-Century Uganda

Kathleen Vongsathorn (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville)

This first meeting will set the stage for this ongoing series. The goal of these workshops is to provide graduate, postgraduate, early career, and precarious faculty with a space to discuss their thesis, research projects, and the questions and obstacles that arise from them. Too often we have worked alone on our hospitals, but the INHH is committed to creating a space where our community can come together and inspire each other’s research.

To register for the workshop:

Follow us on Twitter @HospitalHistori or check back here for upcoming workshops.

If you would like to present your work at a future INHH workshop, please contact us at:

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